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Embark on a journey of glorious Greek myths and learn fascinating stories about gods and heroes of ancient Greece. Follow a carefully designed route through Athens landmarks, explore some of the most magnificent parts of the city and dive into the captivating reality of ancient times. is a creative travel agency that takes small groups on highly customized experiences with knowledgeable & fun field experts. Focusing on the authentic Greek culture, they offer thematic walking tours, Greek cooking classes and many more.

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The rock that saved Zeus

Desperate by the actions of her husband, Rea decided to save the last of her offspring, little Zeus. She gave birth to him but she immediately delivered him to the Nymphs of the mount Edi (Ίδη) on Crete to raise him. To her husband she gave a rock wrapped in clothing. The unsuspected Cronus swallowed the rock instead of his child.


Feminine spirits of nature

The Nymphs consist of a special group of deities in the Hellenic pantheon. It is certain that the cult of the Nymphs dates back to Pre- Hellenic years. Exclusively female, they incarnate the elements of nature, symbolizing fertility and prosperity. By not being immortals like other Gods, but imbued by a semi – god essence they live a great deal of years and they feed on ambrosia. Found in groups in the countryside, they accompany other greater gods such as Hermes, Apollo and Artemis.


The return to Athens

Years passed and Theseus became a vigorous adolescent. His mother revealed to him the truth about his father and he decided to meet him after he retrieved the sword and the sandals. His mother advised him to take a ship to Athens but he disobeyed her. He preferred to go by feet killing the criminals lurking on his way, imitating the Labors of Hercules whom he had idolized.

The path

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Yiannis Nikolopoulos

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