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Do you know secret stories and exciting facts about your place of residence? Would these thrill a traveller? If your answer is yes, we are here to help you create a tour and increase your income!

How do I apply?

All you have to do is fill a simple form explaining a bit of yourself and your tour. You will need to suggest a title for your tour, give its location, tell us how many stops does it have and describe it shortly in 700 characters! Our content department will read each application very carefully and reply to all as soon as possible!

What about copyright?

We’re busy enough building the world’s best online authoring tool for you to create breathtaking tours! No time for stealing content! All rights in or relating to the material of the proposal remain with you! We will not share your proposal with any third party, nor will we exploit it commercially without your consent.

How do I make money?

Once your tour is published you can make money as following:

1. You sell tickets through Clio Muse application in AppStore or Google Play
2. You sell printed or digital tickets on your social media or other networks
3. Our network of tour operators buys your tickets and resells them to their travellers.

The better your tour, the more it sells, the more you earn!
We only get a small commission. No hidden costs, no subscription.

Why bother?

Apart from earning money, all contributors in Clio Muse are privileged to be part of a constantly growing global community that loves storytelling. Clio Muse is not just about the money. There are many opportunities to learn and develop your writing skills through Clio Muse, just because we love writing stories for our cities!

Need help with your PROMO CODE? Call TICKET SUPPORT at +30 2108733099 :)
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TICKET SUPPORT: call +30 2108733099
Ticket Support