Delphi and environs, the steps of Mt. Parnassus

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Delphi. Where a nymph purified her faithful in her spring water and where Pythia guided people with her oracles. Where Apollo and Dionysus threw their gaze onto the Pythian music and theater contests. Where two eagles once defined the center of the world.

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The water of poetry

The Castalia spring waters in Fedriades gorge tell the story of a nymph, the daughter of Achelous, who wanted to escape the sun god and so she transformed into clear water. The priests of Delphi built a tank to protect it and put lions in a paved patio to welcome the faithful who came to be cleansed, before they entered the threshold of Apollo's shrine.


Pythia of the oracles

Pythia, a woman in her 50s, from an aristocratic family of Delphi, was High Priestess of the god Apollo at the Oracle of Delphi. Apollo was revealing his prophesies on the seventh day of each month to his faithful who were seeking a sign to guide their family, the army, their city and their lives. But a Pythian oracle was not the only thing they were seeking. Every nine years initially, and later every four, the city of Delphi was organizing the famous Pythia festival, a big celebration in honor of Apollo and in commemoration of his victory in his battle against the terrible monster, Python, for the dominance of the land. The musical contests and later the athletic and equestrian competitions established the Pythian Games as one of the most important nationwide festivals after the Olympics.


Watching the Pythian contests

The impressive Mt. Parnassus gave the stone which dressed the seats of one of the best preserved theaters of Greece. 5,000 people were seated there to watch the music competitions in the beginning and later the performances given every four years in the Pythian Games. The orchestra of the theater of Delphi, flanked by the beautiful Delphic landscape, still resonates today the fighting spirit and fair play that inspired undying anthems for one of the greatest arts of Greek antiquity: music.

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