Florence: The battle against water and time

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In this tour, you will be guided through the most important landmarks of Florence and you will discover amazing stories about both their creation and their battle against erosion and time. The main focus of this tour is River Arno and how it is both invigorating and destructive for the city it surrounds.

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The dream for a dome

During a difficult period in the history of Florence, a fresco painting in the Spanish Chapel in the church of Santa Maria Novella highlighted the Florentines’ dream for a dome that would complete the city’s cathedral. This fresco was the work of Andrea Bonaiuto (1363-1365) but it was many years before the dream became a reality. The optimism and confidence of the people of Florence had to wait for the arrival of Brunelleschi on the scene. He was the one who won the commission by the guild of cloth importers and began to build the dome in 1420.


The world's most famous offices

The Italian word “Uffizi” means “offices.” This was the earliest function of the building complex that eventually became the first European museum. Cosimo I de’ Medici had secured his undisputed power as the first Grand Duke of Tuscany. In order to establish his control over the wider region he decided to combine Florence’s thirteen judiciary and administrative offices in a building near Palazzo Vecchio (his private residence). In 1559 he employed Giorgio Vasari to design the Uffizi. Construction began in 1560 and was completed in 1580.


The lifeblood of Florence

Florence is a prime example of a medieval river town. The Arno originates in the Apennines and, as it crosses the city, provides its residents with water for the local tanning and textiles industries. Public spectacles were held on the river between the bridges of Santa Trinita and Carraia. Ponte Vecchio is the most famous bridge and serves as a symbol of the city of Florence.

The path

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