From Arethoussa to Eretria

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A voyage into time, starting a thousand years ago and crossing springs, towers and Egyptian temples. The itinerary covers 27 km and lasts 45 minutes (by car).

Nea Odos is responsible for the study, design, construction, operation, management and maintenance of the concession project “Ionia Odos,” an ambitious road of a total length of 380 km.

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The impregnable protector of Evripos

Strategically located on a hill overseeing the Evripos Straight and the entire region, the Castle was built in 1684 by the Turks. It was named after Karababa Sultan who was buried there. With an oblong surrounding wall, three bastions and a large tower, the castle was meant to protect the city from the Venetians, a mission it delivered until Evia's incorporation into the young Greek state in 1833. Nowadays, the interior of the castle has been turned into a small museum which exhibits elaborate coats of arms of the 15th century, embossed architectural decoration of religious and secular buildings, inscriptions and Arabic funerary memorabilia.


A bustling meeting space

Entering the town, opposite the springs of Arethousa, one could once listen to the voices of merchants and artists selling their goods next to the port. The faithful came to worship at the altar climbing a carved staircase. The ancient Agora of Halkida throbbed with life as owners of villas with pebbled floors and citizens, preparing to seek their fortunes in new lands, visited it every day.


The seat of the Venetian ruler

In the historical center of a village, south of Halkida, in the Lilantio field, one of Evoia's 55 towers stands out proud. Offered as official residence of each Venetian feudal lord in exchange for his military service, the massive square tower of Vassiliko defined the living rules of a small community residing inside. The ground floor served as storage space for the agricultural products cultivated in the lands of the colonists, while in the first floor the ruler's family was gathering around its center, where the fireplace was. Nowadays the tower is open to visitors, and also serves as an information center for the fortification architecture of Evoia in the period of Latin occupation.

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