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The era of knights and dragons relives in southern Evoia through the megalithic dragon houses and fortresses with battlements overlooking steep slopes. It feels like Venetian princesses are still in these castles gazing at the land where Zeus and Hera became one for the first time.

The itinerary covers 50 km and lasts 1.5 hours (by car)

Nea Odos is responsible for the study, design, construction, operation, management and maintenance of the concession project “Ionia Odos,” an ambitious road of a total length of 380 km.

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The castle of an ancient citadel

A fortress overlooking the southern limits of ancient Eretria and the ancient road to Karystos was built on a Pelasgian citadel of the classical period. Thanks to its remote and mountainous location it was used until the Ottoman occupation. Within its walls a marble-roofed small chapel of the Virgin was built in the 12th century.


Megalithic puzzles of Mt. Ochi

Huge stone blocks cover the oblong gray stones stacked on each other leaning on invisible braces and transparent joints. The encounter with the dragon houses raises questions that go beyond the limits of reality. Nobody knows for sure when or by whom they were built. The wind, penetrating the craftsmanship of their construction, is whispering myths about temples, dragon nests, beacons (torchlight communication system) and prisons with no foundations and horizons.


The land of myths and riddles

Steep mountain slopes facing the sea, lush green gorges, medieval castles, ancient quarries and dragon houses complete the picture of Evoia's fourth most important in antiquity. Having a rooster as its dominant symbol, the city of Karystos was founded by Chiron, the son of Centaur. Karystos still retains its unspoiled beauty and still proudly tells its visitors the story of Zeus and Hera when they first met on Mt. Ochi.

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