From Leonidas to Gorgopotamos River

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Where Leonidas fought the Persians and centuries later the Resistance Movement faced Nazi Germany, we see today centuries-old churches next to waterfalls and medieval castles that guard the fairies of Ypati.

Nea Odos is responsible for the study, design, construction, operation, management and maintenance of the concession project “Ionia Odos,” an ambitious road of a total length of 380 km.

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The bridge of the Resistance

Springing from Mt. Oiti, Gorgopotamos river sealed its name in Greek history when resistance fighters blew up its bridge in September 1942. The cooperation of members of the Greek resistance with British agents, following a decision of the Allied Headquarters in the Middle East, led to one of the greatest sabotage acts of World War II. Thanks to this, supplies and transit of the Nazi German forces were interrupted for six weeks. Although the impact of this action was actually limited for the North African front, the night of the explosion was admired throughout the occupied Europe and raised the morale of the Greeks, as it wrote a glorious page in the memory of time.


Church of endless worship

A steep path leads visitors to a small Byzantine church. In this place the supreme power of the gods has been praised since the Archaic and Early Christian times. Scattered memories and traces can be seen in the area surrounding the church.


The noble girl’s eagle's nest

Tireless protector and sentinel of the entire region, the castle of Ypati, the capital of the people of Ainians, has been besieged in past times by many conquerors. The legend of the beautiful daughter of its Byzantine ruler, who was fraudulently kidnapped by the Pasha, is still whispered in the ramparts, while popular tradition tells of three gnomes that guard until today the virtue of the girl from Patras who gave the rose color of her face to oleanders growing around the castle.

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