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Florence is divided in 4 historic districts, but only one is on the other side of the river: it is called Oltrarno. It is the least visited and the most Florentine, who is preserved in town; full of stories, traditional restaurants and handcrafts shop. Oltrarno is the real Florence that resists in time and that deserves to be discovered and lived!

Abcd Tours of Tuscany is a name that combines three licensed tourist guides: Beatrice, Cecilia and Demetra. Florence is just one destination that we offer in Tuscany… so do not stop here!

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Pitti family

Pitti were a noble Florentine family living in town when Florence was a Republic. In XV century, they reached their climax when Luca became `` Gonfaloniere `` (the holder of a highly prestigious communal office in medieval and Renaissance time) and when they built Pitti Palace. In 1463, Luca was named Knight of the People with a big ceremony inside the Baptistery of Florence. Due to this fact, on their coats of arm, with silver waves bands on a black field, was add a little red cross and a rake with three pendants symbol of people. Nevertheless, the political rise of the rival Medici signed the inexorable decline of the Pitti family.


The elegance of Renaissance

Brunelleschi began to build Santo Spirito church in 1444, on the ruins of a medieval convent earlier destroyed by a fire. The church was completed in 1487 by some collaborators, after Brunelleschi's death. Inside it's a clear example of Italian Renaissance architecture, divided in three naves by columns of typical florentine stone, Baroque decorations and 38 family chapels with paintings and precious treasures. The altar is covered by a beautiful Baroque canopy with a drilled dome. Inside the sacresty you can find the famous crucifix by Michelangelo, carved when he was only 18 years old. The square outside is a hangout for Florentine life.


Arno river

Its name came from Latin: Arnus, but a part of it could derive also from the Proto-Indo-European root *er-, that mea ``flow, move``. The river originates on Mount Falterona in the Casentino area of the Apennines. The river turns to the west near Arezzo passing through Florence, Empoli and Pisa, flowing into the Tyrrhenian Sea at Marina di Pisa. With a length of 241 kilometres (150 mi), it is the largest river in Tuscany and the third bigger river of Italy.

The path

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