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Discover the National Garden through interesting stories about its creator, Queen Amalia, also known as the Queen of the palm trees. Learn about the garden’s antiquities, its unique botanical collection and the garden’s wildlife. A former Royal garden that constitutes the most beautiful source of green in the Athens city center today!

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The Garden in a nutshell

The project started in 1836 under the auspices and guidance of Queen Amalia. Today the Garden covers an area of 39 acres, while it has seven kilometers of trails. There are six ponds with a total area of half an acre. The Garden contains about 520 species of plants (¾ of which are of foreign origin) with 7000 trees and 40,000 shrubs. The average temperature is usually 3-5 degrees lower than the surrounding urban environment.


Queen of the Palm Trees

Queen Amalia was passionate about palm trees and wanted the palace garden to acquire a touch of ``The East``. Her desire was to be known to future generations as ``the queen of the palm trees.`` Her enthusiasm overcame the reactions of the city residents who objected to the cost of creating the Garden, and the practical difficulties of transporting numerous large trees.


The steam-powered heart of the Garden

The most crucial structure for the Garden’s prosperity was the central water reservoir, just to the right of the Vasillisis Sophias Avenue entrance. This was the end point for the aqueduct pipes. The transfer of water from the reservoir to the rest of the garden was partly achieved using a steam pump, whose chimney was a feature of this particular park corner. The pump valves were placed discreetly in the artificial cave underneath the reservoir.

The path

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